about the faculty

Research and education at the Faculty of Engineering and Science (Engineering) primarily include the classical engineering disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and geography. But newer education and research areas such as sustainable energy technology and nanotechnology have made their way to the faculty's palette.

The faculty has seven departments conducting research each in their core area:

Danish Building Research Institute
Civil Engineering
Materials and Production
Chemistry and Bioscience
Mathematical Sciences
Energy Technology

The faculty has a single school, the School of Engineering and Science (SES), with 3,494 students (2016).

At Engineering, collaboration with the business community and the wider society by both researchers and students has high priority. The faculty has more than 250 cooperation agreements with external partners and a study by the Danish Confederation of Industry (2016) shows that Danish companies rank Aalborg University as Denmark's best university to partner with.

Internationally, the faculty distinguishes itself with high placement on a number of reputable rankings of the world’s universities. These include AAU being number 7 in the world in Electronic and Electrical Engineering on the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016. And in the U.S. News & World Report rankings AAU is number 18 in Engineering.

Geographically, the faculty is also far-reaching with campuses in Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Aalborg.

The dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science is Mogens Rysholt Poulsen.


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