Rapid changeover must increase the competitiveness of industry

Rapid changeover must increase the competitiveness of industry

Quick changeover, reconfigurable solutions and easy implementation. It is crucial for Danish industrial companies to become even more competitive in the global market. AAU researchers are leading the REKON project, which aims to develop a method and a set of tools that will help reduce time to market, equipment expenditure, development time and costs, as well as increase recycling and utilisation rate.

- Production systems that can quickly be converted through modular solutions have great potential in many different types of companies. However, there is a gap between the maturity of the methods developed in the academic environment and the needs of the industry. With the project, we get the opportunity to mature methods and test them in practice in a wide range of Danish production companies that function as our laboratories, says Associate Professor Thomas Ditlev Brunø from the Department of Materials and Production at Aalborg University.

The project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation and is a collaboration between AAU, SDU, Jönköping University and the Danish Technological Institute.

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