Efficient and reliable integration of renewables in the grid

Efficient and reliable integration of renewables in the grid

The global society is demanding and producing more renewable energy, which is very positive from a sustainable perspective.
However, many challenges follow the increase in renewables. One of them is to maintain a high level of stability in the electricity grid when large amounts of renewables are integrated and are all applying power electronic equipment for the interfacing. Another challenge is that, with increased instability, increased costs will occur due to downtime, failures, and maintenance. These costs are to be minimised to reduce the cost of renewable energy further. The research project ’REPEPS’ addresses these challenges. 

- Our ambition for the project is to create a new and better understanding of what is at stake when we integrate many new power electronic components and systems into the power grid. We aim to create a foundation for developing future power electronic
components and systems that are reliable and efficiently use renewable energy without compromising the stability of the grid, says Frede Blaabjerg, professor at the Department of Energy Technology and leader of the research project.

The Villum Foundation supports the project through a Villum Investigator grant to Frede Blaabjerg.

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