Sustainable cities, buildings and components

Sustainable cities, buildings and components

Design, construction and management of buildings, cities and infrastructure play a key role in ensuring a greener and more sustainable society. Sustainable cities should promote economic growth and meet the basic needs of its inhabitants, while creating sustainable, affordable living conditions for all and making sure cities are inclusive, green and safe. The focus also includes minimizing required supply of materials, energy, water, and food, and drastically reducing environmental impact from waste, output of heat, air and water pollution.

Reaesrch areas:

  • Sustainable materials, components, and processes in the construction industry and an improved indoor environment.
  • Supply infrastructure in cities including sewers, rainwater etc.
  • Social and economic sustainability, life cycle cost (LCC), life cycle analysis (LCA) for materials, and carbon footprint.
  • Digitalisation and use of data to optimise the processes of the building sector in the design, construction, and operational phases.
  • Understanding and use of technology, behaviour, and everyday practice.
  • Buildings and urban planning that accomodate nature and green recreational areas in cities.

Did you know …

… that almost 40 per cent of the carbon dioxide emissions in Denmark originates from buildings and households.