Future transport and mobility

Future transport and mobility

To fulfil the ambition to decarbonise the transport sector within both heavy and light vehicles, the use of renewables and organic waste is crucial. To develop sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, research in improved energy efficiency, energy storage, Power-to-X, biofuels, battery technology, drive train efficiency etc. is essential.  

Research areas:

  • Heavy transport: Power-to-X, sustainable biofuel and carbon capture.
  • Light transport: electric cars, hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, range extender, charging infrastructure etc.
  • Drones and robots for transportation, surveillance, and diagnosis in the areas of environment and energy.
  • Energy savings by developing light constructions, new materials, and improved logistics and supply chains.
  • AI for intelligent traffic control, green driving behaviour, and autonomy and driver support.
  • Technology use, behaviour and everyday practices.

Did you know …

… that heavy transport is liable for half of the carbon dioxide emissions of the transport sector.