about the faculty of engineering and science

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science (ENGINEERING), we adress global societal challanges through research, education and knowledge collaboration. We work across disciplines and sectors - emphasising cooperation with businesses and public sector authorities - so that our research creates knowledge for the world. 

Among the major global challenges that we are helping to solve are the transition to green energy, ensuring clean water for the world's population, sustainable construction and smart and innovative methods of production.

Research, education and knowledge collaboration at the faculty are conducted in five departments, each within their core area as well as in interdisciplinary collaboration, in order to archive the best results. 

The departments are:


The faculty has approximately 3,600 students (2020). We work continuously to ensure that our programme offerings meet the need for graduates in the labor market of the future. 90,8 percent (2019) of ENGINEERING graduates are in jobs 1-2 years after graduation, which testifies to the fact that an engineering or science degree from Aalborg University makes you a valuable employee for businesses and organizations.

EUROPE's best engineering university

Internationally, Aalborg University distinguishes in engineering. This include Aalborg University being Europe's best engineering university on U.S. News and World Report's list of the world's best universities in engineering (2021).

Regarding education of compentent engineers Aalborg University also stands strong internationally. In 2018 the US top university MIT places engineering studies at Aalborg University as the fourth best in the world - surpassed only by three US universities. 


At ENGINEERING, both researchers and students consider collaboration with the business community and the wider society a high priority.

A study by the Danish Confederation of Industry (2018) shows that Danish companies rank Aalborg University as Denmark's best university to partner with.

Geographically, the faculty spans wide with campuses in Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Aalborg.

The dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science is Mogens Rysholt Poulsen.