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Academic Council

The Academic Council for the Faculty of Engineering and Science has the following duties:

  • Approval of a strategy plan for the main area, following recommendation from the Dean and within the framework of the strategy laid down at institutional level,
  • Pronouncing an opinion on key areas relating to research and education, and on plans for the exchange of knowledge,
  • Discussing and recommending the budget of the main area to the Dean, including matters relating to the allocation of job positions,
  • Establishing expert committees for the assessment of applicants for academic positions,
  • Awarding PhD and higher doctoral degrees,
  • Establishing guidelines for the promotion of good academic practice, and for the treatment of cases relating to academic dishonesty,
  • Pronouncing and opinion on the physical extension of university premises,
  • Working for diversity and equal treatment and opportunity within research and education, and
  • Providing advice to the Dean on issues relating to quality assurance of PhD programmes and other programmes within the main area.

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