Innovation and collaboration


The grand challenges of the society call for innovative and sustainable solutions solved in close interaction between knowledge institutions, industry and governments. At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, collaboration with the surrounding community is a high priority.

Through collaboration we want to promote the dissemination of knowledge and the industrial and commercial exploitation of our research for the benefit of private companies, public institutions, entrepreneurs and educational institutions - and not least, to create jobs. 

We do this by maintaining a close association with industry so we can work together on initiating innovative and value-added projects. Our industrial partners also have the opportunity to make use of our excellent laboratories and equipment. 

A study by the Danish Confederation of Industry (2018) shows that Danish companies rank Aalborg University ad Denmark's best university to partner with. 

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Our collaboration partners say ...


"At LOGSTOR we strive for complete circular economy and we have the ambition to be able to recycle several thousand tons of plastic material every year. Our products made from recycled plastics must be able to function flawlessly and distribute green district heating for at least 50 years in the future. That is precisely why our collaboration with Aalborg University is essential, so that we can develop and document a homogeneous high quality of recycled materials."

Kristian Haldrup Overgaard, EVP, Head of Innovation, LOGSTOR


“Collaborating with Aalborg University has and has had a huge impact on REintegrate. Through the collaboration, we have access to the most talented minds in our field, and we have the opportunity to test our PtX-solutions in the university laboratories on a scale that brings the technology as close to reality as possible. This has enables us to scale our business rapidly”

Lars Udby, CEO of REintegrate, a spinout from AAU

NCC Building Denmark

"The need for innovative and sustainable solutions applies to all sectors of society , not least in the construction sector, which today stands for a significant imprint on the overall climate accounts. Here, innovation and research into new, applicable solutions are essential. Our good collaboration with AAU contributes effectively to these solutions, often in innovative partnerships that also involve authorities and municipalities."

Martin Manthorpe, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Public Affairs, NCC Building Denmark

Fuji Electric

“For several years, our researchers have been visiting the world-leading power electronics research environment at Aalborg University. Through this collaborative research, Fuji Electric has gained valuable technological assets to improve our business and furthermore, our employees are promoting their way of thinking and doing research.“

Akio Toba, General Manager, Fuji Electric