international cooperation

The Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University has achieved considerable recognition for its research and study programs, not only in Denmark but also in a global context. In order to maintain and strengthen our position, and share and gather knowledge, we participate in a wide range of productive, international partnerships to the great satisfaction of scientists, students and the business community.

For specific partnerships and memberships, please visit the webpages of the individual departments.

A sampling of our international memberships and partnerships:

Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals

Association of University Technology Managers

CESAER - Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research

EARMA – European Association of Research Managers & Administrators

ECIU - European Consortium of Innovative Universities

EUPRIO - European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers

NORDTEK – De Tekniske Universiteter i Norden

NUAS - Nordic Association of University Administrators

ProTon Europe - European Knowledge Transfer Association

SEFI – European Society for Engineering Education

ScanBalt – Borderless Biotech

SANORD - South African Development and Technology

TII – Technology Innovation International