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Be part of developing the sustainable solutions of the future


Be part of developing the sustainable solutions of the future

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leadENG Student Projects - Aalborg University

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leadENG Student Projects - Aalborg University

LeadENG projects offer a unique opportunity for collaboration across fields of study and disciplines. By working on the project, you gain a special understanding of your own discipline seen in the context of related areas. This ability is in demand when the industry delivers sustainable and interdisciplinary solutions to society's major challenges, across disciplines and industries. For example, Søren Hageman Christensen, Regional Director at NIRAS, says:

To solve tomorrow's tasks, we are experiencing a growing need for employees who, in addition to their own specific disciplinary insight, also have an understanding of holistic solutions across disciplines. Optimal sustainability is often found in a balanced solution between several technical, social and economic areas of interest. So it’s important that our future employees have an eye for each other's areas of expertise and the ability to put each other’s skills in play.

About leadENG-projects

  • Study groups from different degree programmes collaborate across disciplines to develop sustainable solutions.
  • The groups work within the framework of the given semester theme.
  • Supervisors collaborate as a team to support the process.
  • Actual physical products and setups are jointly developed and supported by the ENGINEERING faculty.
  • Knowledge is continuously exchanged.
  • A final conference is held where results are presented mutually.
  • We collaborate closely with research environments and companies.

Examples of leadENG projects

Construction of cars

development of cars with either pure battery operation or with simulation of hydrogen and fuel cells

Floating vertical-axis wind turbine

High temperature stone storage with Stirling engine

Tidal flats plant Salicornia as a resource

sustainably produced biomass for e.g. food

Automation of chemical processes


Reimagine education winner badges, leadENG, Gold

The QS Reimagine Education Awards 2022

leadENG wins the regional prize for Europa across all categories.

Reimagine education winner badges, leadENG, Gold
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ENG After Hours

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, we have started a new concept that we call ENG After Hours. ENG After Hours consists of extracurricular activities where we bring our students across the faculty together for events that are both academic and social. The purpose of ENG After Hours events is to strengthen the students' own academic competence and give them a look at other disciplines. The events are also intended to enhance their social life and well-being across programmes. We see this as a way to inspire our students to open their minds early in their studies to the many opportunities they have, and to think about careers, study, and the life they live together.

ENG After Hours